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Globalstar SPOT Gen4 to Provide Tracking and Safety for Thousands of Adventure Travellers in 25 European Destinations

By Eric Van Rees - 18th June 2021 - 06:18

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, announces that IoT track and trace specialist GeoDynamics is deploying SPOT Gen4 satellite GPS messengers to support its customers in the adventure travel business sector.

The company has procured 600 rugged, reliable and economical SPOT Gen4 devices, the newest member of the award-winning SPOT family, credited with over 7,500 rescues worldwide to date.

GeoDynamics’ first deployment in this field is for Travelbase, a Belgian travel company which organises trips for over 50,000 people each year, including adventure holidays to any of 25 European destinations.

In 2017, Travelbase Managing Director Mathieu Botta approached GeoDynamics asking for a satellite tracking device to give to his customers while on their adventure holidays, GeoDynamics procured GSM trackers which it provided to Travelbase, and also made the devices available to other holiday providers through rental.

However, as Travelbase launched several new, extremely isolated holiday locations, it was soon realised that they required a device that offered much wider coverage and longer battery life. In light of these factors, GeoDynamics turned to Globalstar and SPOT.

Stijn Stragier, GeoDynamics’ Managing Partner, explains that the aim with the SPOT purchase is to meet high consumer demand: “In the summer months, all our devices have been rented out and in full-time use, via holiday companies based around Europe: Adventure travel is definitely a rapidly expanding business area for us, and we wanted to be ready to support our customers.”

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