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Global Mapper v.20.1 Now Available with Path Profile Zooming

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 17:42

Global Mapper v.20.1 Now Available with Path Profile Zooming and LiDAR Encroachment Querying

Hallowell, Maine – February 25, 2019 - Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce the availability of an update to Global Mapper, its groundbreaking GIS software. Version 20.1 offers a wealth of new and updated geospatial tools as well as performance improvements throughout the application. Significant enhancements include a new zooming function in the Path Profile window, a new Digitizer tool for automatically closing gaps between features, and for LiDAR Module users, a point proximity query function.

Now in its third decade of development, Global Mapper continues to cause a stir in the worldwide geospatial community. From its humble beginnings as a simple data viewing utility, it has evolved into a major player in the GIS software industry boasting an unrivalled collection of data creating, editing, rendering, and analysis tools, right out of the box. Global Mapper is helping to expand access to GIS technology by dismantling the cost and usability barriers inherent in traditional GIS applications.

Among the highlights of the version 20.1 release is a revamped Path Profile tool. Used to create a cutaway view of a terrain layer or point cloud, the Path Profile viewer now offers a simple way to zoom in the view for a close-in perspective of a specific area. Also added is a new legend display that clearly differentiates each individual layer when multiple overlapping surfaces are displayed.

Global Mapper’s Digitizer now includes a simple tool for eliminating slivers or overlapping areas from adjacent features, ensuring the topological integrity of the data. A new option has been added to allow the establishment of a default projection, with every imported layer automatically reprojected to adhere to this system.

The version 20.1 release offers new and upgraded functionality in the LiDAR Module. A new proximity search function highlights points of a particular classification within a certain distance of other point types or line features, which is ideally suited for detecting vegetation encroachment.

“The release of version 20.1 of Global Mapper provides a perfect illustration of Blue Marble’s unique, user-focused development philosophy,” stated Blue Marble’s President, Patrick Cunningham. “Each of the major new features and functions, including the new Path Profile tools and LiDAR proximity querying, is directly attributable to specific requests from our customers. We encourage all Global Mapper users to continue this line of communication to ensure that the software is meeting everyone’s needs.”

Blue Marble Application Specialists will be conducting a live webinar on Wednesday, March 6th during which they will showcase the highlights of Global Mapper v.20.1. This presentation is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm (U.S. Eastern Time), and it will provide an opportunity to see the latest tools and to ask questions about the new functionality. Space is limited and registration is required, so be sure to sign up today.

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