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Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018

By [email protected] - 11th October 2018 - 18:17

ACI is very pleased to announce Hotel Casa Amsterdam as the venue for our Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018, taking place on 21st & 22nd of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Venue details:
Hotel Casa Amsterdam
Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, NL-1097 BC Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0) 206 651 171


Join Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018 on 21st & 22nd of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to hear from:
Fausto Batini, CEO, Magma Energy

Claire Llyod, Sales Manager, Business Development Europe, REMBE GmbH Safety + Control

Mr Batini's presentation focus is "How to Evaluate the Performance of Different Geothermal Projects According to":

  • Technical challenges/Environmental constraints/Economic sustainability/Regulatory framework
  • How to assess, mitigate and manage the risks associated to development and operation of the geothermal project
  • How to involve local stakeholder in project development in order to obtain the social acceptance

Mrs Lloyd's presentation focus is "Reduced Downtime From Long Life Pressure Relief Devices":

  • Pressure and pressure relief in Geothermal applications
  • Protection of Safety Valves in corrosive environments
  • Advanced technology for long life pressure relief

For more information & registration, please contact Rafael Krupa at [email protected] or +48 61 646 7040.

Confirmed Speakers Also Include:

- Fausto Batini, CEO, Magma Energy
- Rikardur Rikardsson, Managing Director, Landsvirkjun Power
- Saskia Hagedoorn, Director, HydrecoGeoMEC
- Jan Brandts, Project Developer, Sustainable Energy, Engie Services Nederland NV
- Claire Lloyd, Business Development Europe, Rembe Safety + Control GmbH
- Thomas Kölbel, Group Expert, EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg)
- Frank Schoof, Chairman, Platform Geothermie
- Bodo von Düring, CEO, CloZEd Loop Energy AG
- Lorenz Ueing, Business Developer, CloZEd Loop Energy AG
- Rolf Schiffer, Owner, Schiffer GEO Services
- Alan Davis, Managing Director & CEO, Starlight Investments
- Karin Weisenborn, Partner, Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates
- Chris Linskaill, Partner, Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates
- Yashar Yadigarov, Director, Deutecs GmbH
- Julian Richardson, Founder, Parhelion

Key Topics Include:

- Legal and regulatory framework for geothermal development
- Developments with geothermal district heating
- Risk mitigation strategies for geothermal development
- Focus on the host nation: The Netherlands
- Key updates on Horizon 2020 geothermal energy projects
- Generating additional revenue streams from geothermal projects with cascaded utilisation
- Project Updates: New projects in progress and recently completed
- Integration of geothermal energy and other renewable resources
- Advancements with drilling technology
- Key considerations when deciding on geothermal projects
- Partnerships with the oil, gas & utility industries
- Deployment of low & medium temperature hydrothermal resources
- Case Studies: Long term established geothermal sites

Current & Previous Attendees Include:

ÉS Géothermie * Platform Geothermie * Storengy *CGG Services SAS * GeoThermal Engineering GmbH * National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) * ECW Netwerk * European Investment Bank * RISE Research Institutes Of Sweden *Fangmann Energy Services GmbH * PanTerra GeoConsultants B. V. * Akiet Downhole Composite Tubulars * Strada Energy *IPS Renewables * ENGIE Services Nederland NV* ING Bank N.V. *Shell Global Solutions International BV * TNO * EBN * ECM Technologies * Drax Group Plc *HYDRECO GeoMEC BV * Saudi Aramco / PSP&E Energy * Merichem Company *Iteco Renewables * Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH * Vattenfall A/S * HVC Group * Ministry For Foreign Affairs Iceland * Acciona Energia * Nordural * SEE Lcd * OCAS NV * S&L Consulting SA * Schlumberger Petroleum Services C.V * Iceland Drilling * DnB NOR Bank ASA * Samorka - Icelandic Energy & Utlities * University Of Massachusetts * Geothermie- Zentrum * Reboot & Associate LTD * Baker Hughes * Borfelag Islands * Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH * Orka Energy * Cluff Geothermal Ltd. * KPMG Iceland * Honeywell Aerospace * SWECO * Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB * Cluff Geothermal Ltd. * Mannvit –Iceland * Landsvirkjun Power * Caldera Energy Arion * BankAlcoa * IcelandLandsbankinn HF * RAE * GDF SUEZ Energy International * (CanGea) Canadian Geothermal Association * GT Energy * Islandsbanki * EnBW Energie * Green Energy Group As * On (Our Nature) * ST1 DeepHeat Ltd * VITO * Enel * and many more!

For more information & registration, please contact Rafael Krupa at r[email protected] or +48 61 646 7040.

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