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GIS People Introduces Free Educational eBook: Open-Source GIS vs Commercial GIS

By Eric Van Rees - 5th September 2023 - 07:56

GIS People, a prominent Australian company in the realm of geographic information systems (GIS), unveiled a new eBook resource designed to offer valuable insights to those intrigued by the world of GIS.

The eBook is offered entirely free of charge as a means of fostering education and knowledge-sharing within the GIS community.

Comprising the outcomes of extensive industry surveys conducted over the 10-week period, this eBook serves as a comprehensive compendium of trends, challenges, and emerging practices in GIS technologies. The insights are gleaned from the experiences and wisdom shared by professionals across the GIS spectrum, encompassing both open-source and commercial technologies.

"Our goal is to provide a meaningful resource that sheds light on the current trends within GIS technologies," commented Igor Stjepanovic, CEO at GIS People. "By sharing insights that cater to both open-source and commercial aspects, we aim to contribute to the development of the GIS industry as a whole."

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