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GIS 4 Smart Grid 2019 | 24-26 September | Smart Grid Forums

By Eric Van Rees - 16th August 2019 - 07:30

Traditionally, within the electric utilities, GIS has primarily been a tool for asset managers to access basic information about the physical nature of their network i.e. where assets are located, and what they are connected to. However, the development of the smart grid is changing the parameters for the role of asset management, and consequently the requirements for utility GIS.

It is no secret that the demands being placed on asset management teams are becoming more strenuous. With the growing decentralisation of the energy system, utilities must content with a vastly more complex flow of power through their grids. The advent of the prosumer means multi-directional electricity flow, and with budgets ever-tightening, there is pressure on the grid to run closer to capacity and deal with sudden changes in demand. Furthermore, reinforcements and upgrades to the grid must be targeted at the most needed locations, even as the future evolution of the energy system grows less predictable.

There is therefore a growing need to streamline the asset lifecycle management process in order to ensure maximum ROI. For many, the development of advanced GIS with a wider suite of functionality presents the solution for asset managers looking to consolidate their view of the network. During my research carried out with electric utility specialists across the EMEA region, over 80% indicated that they wanted to utilise GIS to support a greater portion, or even all of the asset lifecycle.

At GIS4SmartGrid 2019, we will explore how utilities are overcoming challenges to pioneer state-of-the-art GIS development. Hear leading GIS experts from utilities across Europe share their implementation case-studies and learn how they are putting GIS at the heart of the smart grid to revolutionise their approach to asset lifecycle management.

To find out more about the event or book your place, please visit:

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