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Getech Supports Natural Hydrogen Exploration in Eastern Europe

By Eric Van Rees - 28th November 2023 - 08:20

Getech, locator of subsurface resources, has commenced a natural hydrogen exploration project in Eastern Europe for a prominent European energy company.

This study represents an important step in harnessing natural hydrogen (also called white and geological hydrogen), a potential game-changer in the energy transition.

The project is founded on Getech's extensive subsurface data and geoscience expertise. The approach exploits the distinct magnetic characteristics of ophiolites – igneous rock formations considered prime sources of natural hydrogen. By mapping the extents and geometry of these formations, Getech provides vital data to identify potential hydrogen sources. As part of the project Getech undertakes 3D inversion modelling to distinguish the magnetic properties of ophiolites from other sources of magnetic anomalies.

This contract not only strengthens Getech’s relationship with an existing client but also enhances its proficiency in locating natural hydrogen. Integrating unique AI and machine learning tools into its methodologies, Getech is well positioned to win similar projects in the future.

Anticipated as a pivotal energy resource for the future, natural hydrogen offers a sustainable pathway in the energy transition, and Getech is ideally positioned to facilitate this shift. With its vast proprietary geological and geophysical data and over 30 years of expertise in locating subsurface resources, Getech is set to become an important player in the evolving energy transition landscape. Natural hydrogen, producing only water as a byproduct, stands out as a clean energy source. It holds great promise as a carbon-free fuel for vehicles and power generation, as well as in a range of other industrial applications.

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