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Getech Releases Globe 2023 with New Capabilities for Resource Exploration

By Eric Van Rees - 25th August 2023 - 07:36

Getech, a locator of subsurface resources, has released a new version of its proprietary digital platform, Globe.

Globe models the last 400 million years of Earth’s evolution into c. 40,000 layers of geological data that facilitate the exploration of subsurface resources, including critical minerals, natural hydrogen, petroleum, geothermal and carbon storage. Globe combines proprietary computational modelling and AI-led machine learning techniques with Getech’s geoscientific expertise to deliver a unique Earth model that enables its customers to identify new resource exploration opportunities. The new release – Globe 2023 – includes powerful capabilities designed to address the modern challenges of resource discovery.

With Getech’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing unparalleled AI and data-led exploration services and solutions, Globe 2023’s content and functionality deliver even more value to its customers. This latest release introduces numerous features aimed at enhancing mineral location efforts – such as a new dynamic plate model, enhanced paleogeographies and extended palaeosurface geology coverage. These improvements are designed to deepen understanding of the ancient land surface and its composition, a crucial aspect in successful resource exploration.

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