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Geoteric is disrupting the seismic interpretation market in another world-first software release

By Eric Van Rees - 7th February 2023 - 08:11

Global artificial intelligence (AI) seismic interpretation experts Geoteric are continuing to disrupt the market with another world-first software release.

The new technology is game-changing for energy companies and will prove critical to operators; enabling them to de-risk well placement, reduce their environmental impact and increase profitability by better predicting future production.

Building on Geoteric’s cutting-edge AI Fault interpretation that accurately detects faults invisible to the human eye, the new release – Geoteric 2023.1 – now includes structurally-aware AI Horizons. The technology identifies every event from surface to region of interest in hours and comes at a crucial time for operators facing demands to fast-track production.

The software will be revolutionary for geoscience teams, enabling 100% interpretation of the data in a seismic volume, even in complex geology, in a very short time frame. This unique product – delivering results that have never been possible before - will be essential for the energy sector where shorter seismic interpretation time ultimately equates to assets being brought online safer and faster.

Geoteric 2023.1 continues to leverage the combination of geoscientist expertise with the guidance of AI. The new user-friendly workflows bring together AI Faults and AI Horizons, reducing the time it takes to make accurate volumetric calculations or create structural models with the automatic fault surface extraction tool and one-click transfer to 3rd party modelling software.

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