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GeoMax announces X-PAD Ultimate field software

By [email protected] - 17th October 2018 - 18:39

GeoMax announces X-PAD Ultimate field software to bring greater productivity for land surveyors and construction experts.

London 17 October 2018 GeoMax, part of Hexagon, announced today its latest field software, X-PAD Ultimate, to bring greater productivity for land surveyors and construction experts.

X-PAD Ultimate supports two modules, Survey and Build, for efficient topographic surveys and stake-out applications. Data from different sensors is seamlessly and accurately integrated into maps, points and objects creating a real-time augmented reality visual that can be directly exchanged with cloud platforms for easy sharing.

“What I love about X-PAD Ultimate is the attention to detail, based on user requirements. As an example, there are now four ways to measure the total station height within a station setup. The survey screen can be viewed by two-point elevation for façade surveys. Errors to target heights can be block changed rather than individually. The stakeout application has been enhanced,“said Tom Button, director of Visual-ize, an authorised GeoMax distributor in the UK.“More data formats are possible to import, falling in line with modern day software. All of these are day-to-day situations that will assist the user.“

Customised software for user-specific requirements

X-PAD Ultimate is customised, flexible and modular to support a variety of field surveying or construction tasks, such as cadastral, mapping, Building Information Modelling (BIM) check and control, or as-built checks. The field software runs on any android mobile device connected to total stations, GNSS or other sensors. Data can then be worked within any industry-standard format the user chooses and saved to popular cloud platforms or shared directly back to the office.

“Working closely with our users, we created X-PAD Ultimate to ensure they could work how they wanted to, wherever they wanted to,” said Romy Koch, GeoMax product manager. “By directly addressing workflow issues, users are able to become more efficient and productive, and ultimately make their businesses more profitable.”

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