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Geomatics SME leads EU FP7 private sector involvement in Cyprus

By [email protected] - 5th April 2016 - 16:36

The Cypriot Geomatics SME from Nicosia, GeoImaging Ltd, ranks first in FP7 projects participation among Cypriot companies

After finishing its 6-year cycle of activity, FP7 edited and published an assessment of the activities that took place from 2007 to 2012. According to the MIRRIS institute conclusions, Cyprus had 357 participations in FP7, with 15.7% success rate and around 63 million euros revenue.

GeoImaging Ltd, having participated successfully in 10 FP7 projects, ranked first in FP7 projects participation among Cypriot companies, having two more than the second and five more than the third ones. Apart from the research activities in FP7, GeoImaging is particularly active in a number of other European and National programs, as well as in various independent research activities, thus, promoting the research & development in Cyprus and the rest of Europe.

GeoImaging Ltd is an SME based in Nicosia, Cyprus, established in 2002. The company offers scientific and professional solutions in ICT and Geo-informatics and is also active in R&D programs within EU & national funded projects.

Currently, the company is coordinating the European GNSS Agency Horizon 2020 project LARA.

Find out more about GeoImaging Ltd at

Discover more about LARA H2020 project at

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