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Geoff Trowbridge appointed CEO for WA drone manufacturer

By [email protected] - 27th October 2016 - 07:57

Fast-growing, WA-based drone manufacturer ScientificAerospace has appointed experienced program manager Geoff Trowbridge to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

He replaces Richard Pace, who will remain on the Board and will take on the new role of Marketing Director.

Announcing Geoff’s appointment, Chairman John Clegg said: “Geoff brings a wealth of aviation, project management and business experience to the position of CEO. He previously held leadership roles in enterprises spanning a breadth of technologies and we believe he has the skills and aptitude to effectively lead and grow the business at an exciting time for the sector.”

“We believe this is an important step in our company’s plan to be the premier manufacturer and distributer of photogrammetric mapping and surveying drones in the world,” Mr Clegg said.

“The appointment will further bolster support to the company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Joshua Portlock, who is considered a world authority on commercial and industrial VTOL drones,” he said.

Mr Trowbridge will take on the day to day running of the company while Mr Pace will focus on working with Adelaide-based Tom Tadrowski’s company DroneMetrex, to support the company’s growing network of distributors around the world.

Mr Trowbridge has a Science degree from Melbourne University, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Macquarie University and a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University.

ScientificAerospace has industry-proven experience over eight years in six continents, with its uniquely designed and technically advanced multi-rotor drone combined with DroneMetrex’s world-leading mapping accuracy technology to produce the world’s most accurate, safest and easiest complete photogrammetric mapping system, the TopoDrone-4Scight.

The TD-4Scight easily collects photogrammetric mapping data of unprecedented accuracy (20mm horizontal and better than 25mm vertical) for rapid integration into a wide range of industries including Surveying, Urban Mapping, Civil Engineering, Mining, Agriculture, Bridge and Dam Wall Mapping, Post Disaster Mapping, Waste Management, Recycling and other industries.

Exclusive sales distribution agreements with surveying specialist C. R. Kennedy have been signed in Australia and with distributors in New Zealand, the Middle East Germany and new distributors commencing in North America and across Asia.

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