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Geodyn Technology

By [email protected] - 10th July 2019 - 17:05

GeoDyn released and demonstrated PromptSCAN_2, a very high-speed aerial film scanner, at the ISPRS Geospatial 2019 in Enschede.

PromptSCAN_2 accurately scans aerial film with 10, 15 or 20 μm resolutions at 2 seconds per frame for panchromatic and 3 second per frame for color. With its highly automated loading and exposure determination, a complete film of 250 frames can be scanned within 15 minutes. This is 50x faster than any other aerial film scanner and enables the very efficient conversion of the many valuable aerial film archives.

During Geospatial 2019, PromptScan_2 was set up to continuously scan films, highlighting GeoDyn’s expertise at being able to bring PromptSCAN_2 to any aerial archive location and have films converted in a fraction of the time and cost that has previously been possible. GeoDyn also showed examples of its other services for the subsequent georeferencing, orthorectification, serving and feature extraction from the scanned imagery. These services enable the creation of temporal image and feature datasets that enable you to assess the past, which through trend analysis predicts the consequences of our planned actions.

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