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GeoCue’s True View Awarded ILMF “Outstanding Innovation in LIDAR”

By Eric Van Rees - 24th July 2020 - 06:27

The International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) and Geo Week hosted their 3rd annual 2020 Lidar Leader Awards presentation where the board recognized GeoCue Group’s True View 410 3D Imaging System (3DIS) as the 2020 Outstanding Innovation in LIDAR winner.

Introduced to the market in June 2019, the True View 410 LIDAR/camera fusion sensor is the first drone-carried data collection system designed from the ground-up to match high quality photogrammetric imagery with LIDAR point clouds. Featuring Quanergy’s M8 Ultra LIDAR sensor, dual GeoCue photogrammetric cameras and an Applanix Position and Orientation System (POS), the True View 410 produces high-accuracy 3D colorized LIDAR point clouds within minutes of landing. The sensor has a 120-degree fused field of view and can be carried by any drone capable of managing a payload of 2.25 kg.

The True View 410 system provides all the technology needed to realize the entire 3D Imaging workflow from start to finish; sensor, Applanix positioning software and GeoCue’s True View EVO comprehensive postprocessing/analytic software. Rather than spending hours waiting on image reconstruction software to create a 3D point cloud, the True View 410 yields high accuracy products such as colorized bare earth point cloud, volumetrics, elevation models and other deliverable products in short order.

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