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Genesys International partners with Esri India to solidify its efforts in building digital twins of Indian cities

By Eric Van Rees - 14th July 2022 - 07:03

Genesys International, a pioneer in survey mapping and 3D content, and Esri India announced their strategic alliance.

In December 2021, Genesys International launched its pan India program to make the Digital Twin of entire urban India. The program, which will encompass accurate 3D data for the top 100 cities of the country, will lead to the first-time creation of this kind of highly accurate geometrical data. This will open up avenues for creating several high-end applications that could solve multiple problems facing urban India. Esri India will become an enabler in this process by providing the most suitable, stable technology platform for 3D modelling, analysis of the data, and development of solutions that will help the stakeholders solve problems and provide better services to the citizens. This collaboration will enable high-definition mapping of Indian cities for better planning and governance.

The GIS-enabled digital twin models will further support the smart cities agenda across segments including Urban Development, Planning, Governance, Disaster Management, Utilities, AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction). The alliance will support the mission-critical projects and provide the stakeholders the required technological capabilities to solve critical challenges.

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