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Geneq Unveils the SXblue GLOBE: a Revolutionizing Solution for GIS and Survey field Applications

By Eric Van Rees - 27th March 2024 - 05:33

Geneq introduces SXblue GLOBE, the pinnacle of innovation in GNSS positioning and GIS technology.

Engineered to excel in the most challenging field conditions, SXblue GLOBE sets a new standard for performance, efficiency and reliability. With an impressive array of features, SXblue GLOBE stands as a testament to Geneq Inc's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. Carrying a 448 channel GNSS board, SXblue GLOBE ensures unparalleled accuracy and integrity in positioning, even in the most demanding environments.

One of GLOBE's standout features is its cutting-edge technologies for multipath mitigation, reducing the effects of signal reflection and ensuring the integrity of positioning service, even in challenging environments. Furthermore, SXblue GLOBE incorporates an advanced anti-jamming and interference monitoring system, safeguarding against disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operation in any scenario.

Moreover, SXblue GLOBE uses global or local coverage of correction services SBAS, RTK with an update rate up to 100Hz, empowering users with enhanced accuracy and reliability in their positioning activities. Another GLOBE’s new feature innovation is its Wi-Fi connection which enables its parameters to be easily configured via a Web User Interface.

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