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G-Core Labs speeds up its content delivery network

By Eric Van Rees - 1st October 2019 - 07:24

G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has im-proved its global content delivery network by adding functionality of Ñache sharding and image optimization. It will allow any online business to re-duce a response time of its web resource and to accelerate the delivery of heavy content to anywhere in the world. The company offers to test the updated CDN at the most favorable rates in the entire history of the service.

Cache sharding is a technology that allows CDN servers in the same data center to use one another’s cache memory. As a result, the number of unique files in the cache grows, the number of requests to the origin servers decreases (to web site of internet store, bank, mass media, online game etc.), and the speed of content delivery increases. The technology provides an advantage when delivering terabytes of content in case there are no obvious leaders in requests among these files (e.g. if we are speaking on online stores).

“We regularly optimize our CDN network and add useful features and tools to it. We want as many companies working online as possible to test the opportunities of a global content delivery network operating in all markets. Within the new business season, for new customers we offer the most favorable rates for CDN in the entire history of our service”, - said Dmitry Samoshkin, vice president of products at G-Core Labs.

In turn, the Image optimization function allows to edit images within the CDN server and will be useful for any online business that needs to store several versions of the same image in the CDN network. For example, an online store has several heavy pictures on its site & shows these ones to all its users. But it’s optimal to have a lower resolution version of the images for the mobile version of the store’s website in order to speed up its loading and thus increase the conversion rate. The Image Optimization function allows to solve this problem.

Earlier, G-Core Labs introduced a free tariff for CDN services. The proposal is relevant primarily for independent developers, small and medium-sized businesses. The FREE tariff doesn’t have a fixed monthly payment and includes 300 GB of free traffic within the test period and 100 free GB monthly in the future.

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