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Fugro teams with Septentrio and Meinberg to launch Fugro AtomiChron time synchronisation service

By Eric Van Rees - 10th November 2022 - 04:50

Fugro has signed a tri-party cooperation agreement with GNSS receiver company Septentrio and synchronisation equipment manufacturer Meinberg to launch the Fugro AtomiChron real-time synchronisation and authentication service.

Numerous sectors rely on resilient and highly accurate time synchronisation, including telecommunications, finance, and energy. This innovative technology eliminates time drift caused by clocks counting time at slightly different rates and provides extreme stability that surpasses current precision frequency standards.

With up to sub-nanosecond accuracy, Fugro AtomiChron includes Navigation Message Authentication (NMA), ensuring reception of genuine GNSS signals and time synchronisation improvements. Integrated anti-spoofing detection further prevents interference with GNSS timing signals providing accuracy, authentication, validity and security for end-users.

The agreement ensures that the Fugro AtomiChron service will be available in new Septentrio mosaic-T GNSS receivers, as well as a selection of Meinberg GNSS clocks, without the need for additional physical interfaces or separate antennas. Jan Van Hees, Business Development Director at Septentrio said: “Septentrio is a forerunner in the area of robust and resilient GNSS solutions. With the addition of the unique Fugro AtomiChron™ service we are pleased to further strengthen our offering and provide our customers even more accurate and reliable solutions for resilient GNSS timing.”

Heiko Gerstung, Managing Director of Meinberg said: “Fugro's AtomiChron solution provides the resilience, accuracy, and reliability demanded by our customers across the globe. Meinberg is especially proud to be a part of this and to be the first sync technology vendor using this game-changing technology in synchronisation systems.”

Daan Scheer, Fugro’s Head of Strategic Partnerships and New Business added: “The Fugro AtomiChron™ service highlights our diversification into new markets which will enable the satellite positioning service to further grow outside of the traditional maritime and land business.”

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