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Flood Expo Keynote Speakers Announced

By Eric Van Rees - 5th August 2019 - 13:52

The whole Flood Expo team is really excited to announce that the lineup of keynote speakers has been announced!

Alongside returning favourites from 2018’s keynote lineup, Mary Dhonau, from Know Your Flood Risk, and Daniel Rosenberg from Gravitas, we have a fantastic lineup of incredible speakers from across the whole Flood industry. From case studies, to addressing sustainable challenges in the flood industry, this is undoubtedly the strongest keynote speaker lineup The Flood Expo has ever seen.

Your free ticket will gain you access to over 100 CPD accredited seminars held by some of the most expert and influential individuals within the flood industry. Here is just a handful of 2019’s keynote speakers:

Livia Hollins, from United Nations Climate Change will address the seminar “Climate change, sustainable development goals, resilience and disaster risk reduction – what’s the UN doing about floods?”

David Nash, from the Z Zurich Foundation, will share the work of Zurich’s Flood Resilience Alliance in building a system-based methodology, which goes beyond grey infrastructure solutions.

Sun Yan Evans from Mott Macdonald will talk about the exciting “Enabling Resilient UK Energy Infrastructure: Natural Hazard Characterisation’ project funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

Fai Fung from The Met Office will speak about the future climate projections for the UK.

Tim Beech will speak about Thames Water’s innovative approach to managing surface water in partnership.

Russell Turner from the Flood Forecasting Centre will explain the 10 years of partnership between the Met Office and Environment Agency.

Neil Parker from BAM Nuttall will speak about the Sustainable Challenges for the Collaborative Delivery Framework Partners.

You can visit The Flood Expo website to see the whole list of Keynote Speakers. Tickets for the event are still completely free and readily available from! So go take a look at the keynote speakers so far and secure your ticket now for September 11th and 12th!

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