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FLEXPOINT® MVnano Series - Gap Measurement

By [email protected] - 13th November 2018 - 17:46

The presence and size of gaps can have a big impact on the performance of products especially in the automotive, aerospace and transport industry. Traditional methods of gap measurement involve mechanical tools such as taper gauges, slip gauges and Vernier callipers. These have numerous shortcomings such as low repeatability, the skill required to use them, the need to record measurements and the risk of damage to the measured parts.

The MVnano range of line laser modules is an ideal component when designing a noncontact, quick acquisition and data logging sensing instrument. When viewed by a linear detector array or camera the projected laser line is absent across the gap. Once calibrated the absent image can be assigned to the physical width of the gap.

Whether measuring components of a car door, an aero engine blades or escalator steps, to measure and record the gap between components can significantly improve efficiency, reliability and improve noise reduction. Monitoring such gaps utilising the LASER COMPONENTS’ line laser FLEXPOINT® MVnano series aids for such improvements in a much quicker and less skill intensive way than would have been possible using other means.

The benefits of being able to quickly and accurately measure and record gaps is evident for many industries beyond the above and can see a growth in the number and variety of those utilising the solution realised through our line laser modules.

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