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Flexpoint® Long Range Laser Modules - For Use Over Distances up to 200m

By [email protected] - 7th March 2019 - 17:42

If you require laser modules for use over distances up to 200m (650ft) then our Flexpoint® Long Range series could be the answer!

Available as a dot or line module with up to 30mW output power in 635nm red or 520nm green, the FP-LR is suitable for a variety of long-range applications including alignment, even having sufficient accuracy to be used with position sensing detectors.

The dot module can maintain a dot <Ø5mm at 10m focal distance and < Ø20mm at 50m which has resulted in its utilisation in the STRAIGHTliner FAR 200m electronic alignment system from Laser Tools. The availability of both red and green wavelengths up to 5mW output allow use in a range of lighting conditions.

The line module is available in fan angles between 5° and 50° while maintaining a line thickness <5mm at 10m focal distance and <20mm at 50m. The availability of green and red wavelengths with an output power up to 30mW ensures that the resulting line can be seen in a range of lighting conditions.

Both modules are IP54 rated, use standard M12 power connections and have a selection of accessories to make their use simple and convenient, including a rechargeable battery pack which allows for 8 hours remote use.

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