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Fixposition Presents the Vision-RTK Positioning Sensor at Intergeo Digital 2020

By Eric Van Rees - 13th October 2020 - 06:24

At this year’s Intergeo Digital event (October 13-15, 2020), Fixposition is announcing the Vision-RTK positioning sensor, its compact centimeter-accurate solution with the highest reliability and availability in environments that are challenging for traditional Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

The Vision-RTK sensor is the latest breakthrough in positioning technology. Its unique sensor fusion algorithm is based on the deep integration of satellite, camera and inertial sensors, and enables unprecedented reliability and availability in diverse and challenging applications.

"With Vision-RTK, Fixposition offers the only compact solution for positioning and navigation in challenging outdoor environments, enabling applications in previously unreachable areas and opening a whole new world of possibilities for autonomous ground robots and drones," said Dr. Zhenzhong Su, CEO and co-founder of Fixposition.

Traditional GNSS sensors suffer from limited reliability in GNSS-challenging and denied areas. On the other hand, standalone computer vision is sensitive to light conditions (e.g., snow, strong sunlight, rain, etc.) and struggles in situations where there is a lack of features such as cornfields and grass. Last but not least, errors accumulate over time with standalone inertial technology, causing large drifts.

As a result, devices using either one of these sensors are limited in their range of operation and are likely to fail in certain conditions. Fixposition’s solution increases the potential of these sensors with its unique sensor fusion technology by increasing the trustworthiness of the positioning accuracy and the range of operation in different environments.

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