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Fishbone Solutions to speed development of Readiness Assessment tool for remote monitoring of large infrastructure projects

By Eric Van Rees - 20th August 2020 - 07:42

Derby-based engineering consultancy, Fishbone Solutions has signed up to the national SPRINT business support programme to develop an advanced Readiness Assessment tool for large infrastructure projects.

SPRINT will support Fishbone Solutions’ collaboration with the University of Leicester, which will bring expertise in leveraging satellite-derived data. This will enable Fishbone Solutions to remotely monitor the state of readiness of large infrastructure projects, and identify and report potential issues.

The SPRINT project will enable Fishbone Solutions to accelerate the development of the Readiness product and enter the market 9-to-12 months faster than would otherwise be possible through current expertise and capability within the company.

The University of Leicester’s expertise in leveraging satellite imagery using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques will be used to develop a system that takes satellite-derived imagery of critical elements of large infrastructure projects and validates its readiness.

The project will be funded by a grant from the £4.8 million SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) programme that provides unprecedented access to university space expertise and facilities. SPRINT helps businesses through the commercial exploitation of space data and technologies.

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