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First Bentley ContextCapture Workshop in Madrid, Spain

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2016 - 09:45

Hosted by Bentley Partner, RECURSOS TECNICOS MADRID, S.L. (RTM), ( and sponsored by Bentley Systems, the first Bentley ContextCapture workshop took place in Madrid on April 21st at the Holiday Inn Hotel close to the Madrid Río.

The workshop was attended by companies, institutions and professionals of the many different industries that are aided and interested in photogrammetry software that produces high resolution 3D models from aerial photographs taken by digital cameras either on land, UAVs or manned aircraft.

The attendees were very impressed with the practical presentations of examples already conducted and could follow the whole teaching process through exercises already provided by RTM in their laptops. They mentioned that the event was very friendly with easy to learn and to follow contents of the workshop. Some of the attendees came from various parts of Spain like Toledo, Catalunya, Basque Country, Galicia, Madrid, even Balearic Islands and kept very attentive along the whole workshop. They found the applications really interesting with a high potential use for a great variety of projects, soon to be undertaken shortly by companies, institutions, and professionals.

The software is ideally suited for any organization that could apply 3D models of real-world context to benefit infrastructure design, construction, or operations.

With ContextCapture, you can produce even the largest and most challenging 3D models of existing real-world conditions, including scales as large as entire cities, from simple photographs. The software generates a detailed and accurate reality mesh incorporating the referenced photography and textures. This results in a navigable 3D model with fine photographic realistic detail, sharp edges, and precise geometric accuracy. These highly detailed models can be of virtually any size or resolution, up to city scale, and created much more quickly than with other technologies.

With ContextCapture, you can automatically construct highly detailed 3D models of virtually any size for your clients, faster and at much less cost than with traditional methods. But what is most powerful is the amazing context that it provides to facilitate better decisions throughout design, construction, and operations. ContextCapture allows you to create a fully photo-textured, geographically located 3D model, all derived directly from digital photography. And, once the models have been built, they can be quickly and easily viewed on any desktop or mobile device with the necessary hardware requirements. Surely ContextCapture is going to change the geospatial industry in a very near future.

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