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FIG Working Week 2017 - CALL FOR PAPER

By [email protected] - 13th September 2016 - 13:47

Helsinki, Finland May 29 – June 2 2017

The overall theme of the Working Week is “Surveying the world of tomorrow
- From digitalization to augmented reality“. We have been witnessing the first beginning of a development leading towards services which not only describe the visible world around us but also simultaneously bring up other information connected to our place of interest. One step is to become digitalized and to use the digital information; the next step is to combine information and be able to collect the data intelligently and to take further steps into the intelligent use of digital information. The theme was chosen to highlight the opportunities and open a view into a future where the information we produce is, again, put into a more efficient use.

FIG Working Week 2017 is the main event of the year for all ten FIG technical Commissions. Therefore proposals for papers are requested in all topics of interest of the following Commissions:

  • Professional Standards and Practice – FIG Commission 1
  • Professional Education – FIG Commission 2
  • Spatial Information Management – FIG Commission 3
  • Hydrography – FIG Commission 4
  • Positioning and Measurement – FIG Commission 5
  • Engineering Surveys – FIG Commission 6
  • Cadastre and Land Management – FIG Commission 7
  • Spatial Planning and Development – FIG Commission 8
  • Valuation and the Management of Real Estate – FIG Commission 9
  • Construction Economics and Management – FIG Commission 10

This Call for Papers is announced both for peer review papers and non-peer review papers.

We invite you to submit an abstract and full paper for peer review paper by 1 October 2016 and an abstract for non-peer-review paper by 15 November 2016.

More information on the FIG Working Week web site:

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