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Ferd invests in ocean technology group General Oceans

By Eric Van Rees - 21st December 2023 - 08:38

Ferd, a family-owned investment company, has acquired a 25 percent stake in the ocean technology group General Oceans.

Following several acquisitions in recent years, General Oceans now consists of five world-leading companies covering key areas of ocean technology.

- With Ferd as a strategic owner, we have secured funding for further acquisitions as well as expertise to further develop the companies we acquire. Ocean technology is a fast-growing industry, but it is also fragmented. This requires consolidation, something General Oceans will continue to contribute to, says Atle Lohrmann, CEO of General Oceans.

Ferd will also be represented on General Ocean's board, including through Torfinn Kildal, who has a background as CEO of Kongsberg Maritime and extensive experience from international industry.

- General Oceans manages technology that helps us understand and preserve the world’s oceans. The investment therefore fits very well into our portfolio. We are looking forward to building on the strong positions General Oceans already has within ocean technology globally, says Gustav Martinsen, Investment Professional at Ferd Capital.

Ferd invests in General Oceans through a private placement of NOK 230 million. In addition, Ferd acquires shares from several smaller shareholders. In total, the ownership share will be 25 per cent, but the parties have an ambition that this will eventually be increased to 34 per cent. Atle Lohrmann will still control 56 percent of General Oceans after the transaction.

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