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FATMAP Is Now Part of Strava

By Eric Van Rees - 26th January 2023 - 09:59

FATMAP is now part of Strava, the social platform for movement.

FATMAP started with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible to more people around the world. Joining forces with Strava will accelerate that mission and open up exciting possibilities to build new maps and experiences that have never been possible before, enabling our communities to explore and discover even more.

FATMAP will continue to operate as usual, and the FATMAP community will have the same access to the tools and benefits as they have always had. Explore members won’t see any changes to their subscription - including the price - but will benefit from enhanced features and upgrades as the two products start to integrate.

In the coming months FATMAP will be working on ways to take its mapping to another level. With the help of the insights and activities gleaned from Strava's active audience, FATMAP can accelerate the evolution of our product, making FATMAP the best platform for planning, navigating and sharing adventures for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Why has FATMAP made the decision to become a part of Strava? Quite simply, Strava has built the most engaged community of active people in the world. Every day, since their inception in 2009, they have found new ways to inspire their active community and make the experience even more engaging via their app and mobile platform. By working together, FATMAP can bring that knowledge and experience to the outdoors, making it more accessible to more people.

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