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FARO Zone 3D Forensic Scene Analysis Software Delivers New Photogrammetry Capabilities

By Eric Van Rees - 10th November 2022 - 04:48

FARO Technologies, a global provider of 4D digital reality solutions, announced the release of a new edition of FARO Zone 3D Software to the public safety market, equipping crime, crash, fire, and security professionals with critical new capabilities they need.

These include: advanced graphics; customizable vehicle modeling; and the ability to measure from photographs through photogrammetry integrations.

The announced release of FARO Zone 3D Software provides public safety professionals with a multi-modal, capture-device agnostic software program that can diagram, document, and analyze forensic scenes utilizing data from drones, 3D laser scanners, 2D photos and other traditional measurement devices, leaving no customer and no data collection method behind.

“This edition of FARO Zone 3D Software is the most versatile yet for data input and processing — making the most comprehensive scene documentation software on the market even better,” said Noreen Charlton, Software Product Marketing Manager at FARO. “Public safety professionals can take images from almost any capture device — drones, photographs, laser scanners from a variety of manufacturers, hand-measured data and more — then model crime and crash scenes in 3D and virtually walk jurors through a forensic scene with an exceptional level of realism.”

Aiding in achieving that realism, which is critical to solving and proving cases in the courtroom, Charlton points to a significant feature in this release of FARO Zone 3D software- improved point cloud capability. FARO Zone 3D software is available in two versions, Zone 3D Expert and Zone 3D Pro. With Zone 3D Expert, which incorporates a new proprietary photogrammetry engine, FotoPoints, users can convert photographs into point cloud data. This means, for the first time we are enabling users to take accurate measurements from 2D photos or 3D data. Also for the first time, users of 3D Pro can import point cloud data into the software for inclusion into forensic scene analysis.

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