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Exprodat Meets Industry Challenges with Unconventionals Analyst 2.1 for ArcGIS Pro

By Eric Van Rees - 6th July 2021 - 04:47

Exprodat, the London-based geospatial experts for energy, continues to streamline the workflows used across the “unconventionals” petroleum sector, with the latest release of its popular Unconventionals Analyst software.

For use with Esri’s powerful professional desktop GIS application, Unconventionals Analyst v2.1 for ArcGIS Pro provides a host of new tools that further support geoscientists and reservoir engineers in managing shale, coal bed methane and tight sand plays in these challenging economic times.

Identifying parent-child relationships within wells is key to better predicting performance interference and recovery reduction. The Analyze Wells Relationship feature in Unconventionals Analyst v2.1 allows users to identify those crucial relationships using both spatial and temporal data.

Additionally, the new Calculate Lateral Spacing tool within Unconventionals Analyst v2.1 allows the user to rapidly calculate a set of spacing statistics between the wells in an area of interest and to deliver insight into the efficiency of both previously drilled or planned wells, against an ideal spacing measure.

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