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Existing ADAS Cars Just Got Smarter at CES 2024 with Mapbox Autopilot Services

By Eric Van Rees - 15th January 2024 - 08:04

Mapbox, the automotive location platform, launched deep integration for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) L2+ across its Autopilot Map, 3D Live Navigation, and MapGPT technologies, making current and future assisted driving systems smarter, safer, and easier to use with greater hands-free driving coverage than ever before.

Mapbox Autopilot Services is now available for OEMs to integrate into current vehicles equipped with existing ADAS sensors via an over-the-air update, with no additional hardware required.

Autopilot and ADAS systems in vehicles have long grappled with critical issues such as coverage, communication, safety, and ease of use. Autopilots can stop working suddenly because of missing or stale HD map data, poor understanding of local road features like turn regulations and traffic signs, and perception models that struggle in low lighting conditions. Most autopilots today do not connect to navigation systems, so they don’t know where to go and must rely on manual input for direction. To make matters worse, failures can be confusing and dangerous because vehicles do not clearly explain to drivers at which points autopilots will disengage and why.

All this is changing with Mapbox Autopilot Services, a new offering that brings together advanced Mapbox technologies into one fully integrated solution. First, the Autopilot Map greatly expands the coverage and capability of L2+ systems with industry-leading road class coverage from highways down to tertiary roads and a daily refresh rate. Second, Mapbox 3D Live Navigation synchronizes routing with ADAS perception to visualize maneuver plans intuitively on 3D lane level maps. Finally, MapGPT provides full hands-free control and clear communication of ADAS driving through plain, conversational voice interactions. These Mapbox services now connect with in-vehicle sensors and drive-by-wire systems, delivering a safer and more capable ADAS experience that makes it easy for drivers to understand what the car is doing and why.

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