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Exciting toolkit of technologies on display at GEO Business 2018

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 18:35

Surveying: an exciting toolkit of technologies on display at GEO Business 2018 - FREE to attend seminar programme Wednesday 23 May 2018

Surveyors now have an extensive toolkit of data capture sensors, software for processing and techniques for utilising feature recognition which is better enabling them to turn site data into the client deliverable needed.

To study in detail these technologies, their application and impact, a series of free-to-attend seminars and workshops will take place over the two days:

  • The use of the Smartphone to deliver cm level positioning. KOREC’s Richard Gauchwin and Trimble’s Gareth Gibson explain how the Catalyst GNSS system puts “cm accuracy for level positioning into the hands of any industry in the world that uses smart phones.”
  • The use of satellite imagery and radar data has become a significant part of the surveyor’s toolkit for enabling initial studies and planning of survey missions from the desktop. One such presentation will show where this pre-planning was essential: Topcon’s Ian Stilgoe will explain how they surveyed a site in Antarctica for a blue ice landing spot for big jets to gain certification as a landing site.
  • Peter Cave of Meridian Surveys will examine the importance of the human factor in studying survey data and ask the intriguing question, do robots make better cocktails?

See the surveying seminar programme

Commercial Workshops

Commercial workshop sessions hosted by exhibitors enable attendees to learn about GNSS interference mitigation; how to complete accurate surveys with drones; a new toolkit for the automatic registration of point clouds; ultra wide band ground penetrating radar; and using a small robot for stake out.

View the full schedule

International Exhibition

An exhibition consisting of 200+ exhibiting companies will showcase the latest surveying instruments and systems for data capture along with processing and design software. The toolkit of sensors, systems and platforms available to surveyors and geospatial engineers has never been so exciting. These technologies have opened up new business opportunities for imaginative and innovative survey companies and individuals.

View the full exhibitor list


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