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Evercam’s new 4D View, powered by iTwin, improves collaboration with easier access to real-time videos and project design data

By Eric Van Rees - 19th December 2022 - 08:13

Evercam announced the addition of Evercam 4D View to Bentley Systems’ powered by iTwin program.

Evercam 4D View helps project teams leverage engineering and design data to better understand the construction sequence and communicate project plans to all parties involved.

The 4D View app combines real-time, high-quality video footage throughout the jobsite with a digital twin and allows users to switch between the model and reality to track changes and communicate progress. The app addresses the challenge of the volume of data available to project teams by connecting it with 4D planning, scheduling and analysis capabilities.

It is no secret that the construction industry has famously low levels of productivity, and while BIM has significantly contributed to the improvement of communications, the industry is still hindered by the inaccessibility of project data. Often, a BIM model is only accessible to a limited amount of the project team. Evercam 4D View democratises this data by allowing all users on a project to share and interact with the model from within the Evercam platform.

Evercam 4D View allows users to easily switch between real-time footage and BIM models to make collaboration easier. Users can see any changes made to the BIM model and receive updates within the platform. 4D View provides users with a list of features from within the platform including remote measurement, navigational tools, and the ability to highlight anything from the 3D model, as the iTwin Platform recognizes each element.

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