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Europa Technologies launches enterprise-grade OS NGD Address theme API

By Eric Van Rees - 7th November 2023 - 08:02

Europa Technologies has extended the address capabilities of its award-winning viaEuropa platform with API support for the Address Theme of the OS National Geographic Database (NGD).

The company is the first Ordnance Survey Strategic Partner to offer such a service.

The OS NGD is a new single store for all of Ordnance Survey’s authoritative data, which has been structured into themes, collections and feature types. The address theme covers addressing across the United Kingdom in two collections: GB Address and Islands Address. It is designed to underpin a range of analytical use cases and provide the most detailed view of an address and its lifecycle.

OS NGD Address provides high quality addressing with key identifiers, additional attributes and daily updates. It is provided in an easy-to-use data structure making it simpler to work with and more accessible to non-address experts.

The viaEuropa API allows high performance queries on the NGD Address theme by UPRN, UDPRN, postcode, free text address or geographic coordinates (point+radius or bounding box). The service is backed by a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA), with an actual uptime of 99.999% over the past five years.

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