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EU Space helps drive the green transformation

By Eric Van Rees - 30th January 2023 - 11:35

EUSPA has published the EU Space for Green Transformation report, which showcases how applications leveraging EU Space data from Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS can help companies become more sustainable.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. Overcoming it requires a green transformation – one characterised by a drastic reduction in carbon emissions and a significant increase in sustainable best practices.

Driving this transformation is the European Green Deal, which strives to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. But to achieve this goal, companies must take a deep look at their internal operations, as well as their supply chains, to identify opportunities for reducing their own environmental footprint.

This is where EU Space comes into play.

The EU Space Programme, including Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS, can play a critical role in supplying the information companies need to monitor environmental indicators, reduce their environmental impact, become more sustainable and drive the green transformation.

“EU Space data and services are an important asset to support the implementation of the Green Deal,” says EUSPA Executive Director Rodrigo da Costa. “Businesses in particular stand to benefit from a myriad of possible applications for EU Space data, which translates into greener practices, cost reductions and increased efficiency.”

EU Space for Green Transformation, a new report by EUSPA, introduces the Green Deal and its implications for companies. It also presents detailed examples of how various industries, including energy, road transport, aviation, agriculture, forestry and mining, are leveraging the power of EU Space to drive their sustainability journeys.

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