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Esri Releases New Book Designed to Improve Efficiency of Mobile Work

By Eric Van Rees - 1st April 2024 - 05:28

GIS How-To Makes Work in the Field More Productive with Data, Workflows, and Exercises

A biologist in a rainforest making observations on indigenous frogs, an engineer maintaining utility equipment, and a citizen scientist taking water samples from a creek are all doing fieldwork. Their work is anchored by location. No matter what electronic tools they take into the field, they all take a notebook or a guidebook. To provide these professionals with a resource, Esri, the global provider of location intelligence, has released Fieldwork Handbook: A Practical Guide on the Go. The new book is packed with tips, best practices, and activities that will make any type of work in the field more productive and successful. Covering preparation, equipment, workflows, and data, Fieldwork Handbook demonstrates how to

  • Organize and reconcile field data.
  • Effectively coordinate and dispatch field resources.
  • Refine fieldwork workflows.
  • Synchronize office and field workflows.

Author Marika Vertzonis is a product engineer at Esri focusing on the research and development of field apps. After studying environmental engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia, Vertzonis spent the early part of her career working in local government, regional water authorities, and engineering consulting as a geographic information system (GIS) professional. Her own time in the field has made her a passionate advocate for using the most suitable technology available in scientific and engineering fieldwork.

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