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Esri Book Demonstrates How to Create Map Apps with User Experience in Mind

By Eric Van Rees - 4th April 2023 - 05:24

New Guide Shows Readers How to Build Useful Products with Design Principles at the Forefront.

To support the geographic information system (GIS) professionals, developers, and designers who are building the next generation of mapping products, Esri, the global provider of location intelligence, has released Designing Map Interfaces: Patterns for Building Effective Map Apps. Whether configuring an out-of-the-box solution, building an app using one of the readily available app builder tools, or working on a custom app project, this book will guide readers toward developing more useful and user-friendly apps.

Teaching the principles and best practices that will help learners create stunning consumer-grade apps, Designing Map Interfaces covers key topics such as how to approach design, and common mistakes to avoid. The book is written by Michael Gaigg, a user interface (UI) engineer responsible for designing and building front-end solutions that focus on meeting both business needs and end-user goals. With over 30 years of web design experience, Gaigg has published his observations on common and recurring design problems on his popular blog, Map UI Patterns.

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