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Esri and Facebook Collaborate to Release New OpenStreetMap-Ready Datasets

By Eric Van Rees - 15th July 2020 - 07:56

Esri, the global provider of location intelligence, today announced a partnership with Facebook to release new OpenStreetMap (OSM)-ready datasets for use in building the map.

Esri’s ArcGIS Hub, already a valuable source of geodata, and ArcGIS Online now include these datasets from the Esri user community that are OSM tagged, compatibility licensed, and ready for use.

To work with these new datasets, Facebook’s Map With AI, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered set of services and tools, will offer new versions of its RapiD editor and the JOSM plug-in. In these new versions, mappers can quickly add ArcGIS datasets, curated by Esri, to OSM—a crowdsourced, highly detailed, and editable map of the world.

Esri has assembled open data from the ArcGIS user community, processed the data for integration with OSM, and published it to ArcGIS Online. That data is licensed to be compatible with the OSM Open Database License (ODbL). Map With AI users can now select one of the ArcGIS datasets, such as buildings for a city or county; center the map on that dataset; and zoom in to an area where they would like to make edits. Users can review the data and, if appropriate, add and save the relevant features to OSM as publicly available map data.

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