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ESA Selects Tesat For 6G Satellite Precursor To Boost European Digital Leadership

By Eric Van Rees - 2nd July 2024 - 05:03

ESA – under its Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES)’ Space for 5G/6G & Sustainable Connectivity programme line – selected TESAT for a pioneering 6G satellite precursor.

The goal of the project is to deliver an in-orbit laboratory, gaining knowledge on End-to-End-Connectivity and the inclusion of satellites in terrestrial mobile networks. It is expected that the result will bring valuable information for the 6G standardization. 6G applications can boost the technological potential of the European digital and aerospace industry and broadband connectivity even further. This opens up growth potential and applications beyond imagination.

Unlimited worldwide access to the internet through seamless network availability is only possible if terrestrial networks are connected to additional network points from space. This project is laying the foundations for future communication technology, namely space-based communication hubs with extremely high-data rates for Europe's digital future.

The 6G LINO (6G laboratory in orbit) will produce a 16U CubeSat - a small satellite with specific dimensions - and bring it to a low earth orbit. A satellite of this length is similar in size to a small refrigerator. In addition, a full 5G-based ground segment including a core network will be set up to allow end-to-end tests, which will include the satellite.

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