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Enhanced geology and mine design in Vulcan 2020

By Eric Van Rees - 5th August 2020 - 07:11

Desktop tools that enable mining professionals to interact with their data are the building blocks upon which Maptek innovation was founded.

Almost 40 years on from the early borehole modelling tools, Maptek has this week released Vulcan 2020, featuring integrated geology and optimised mine design.

Today Vulcan is populated with functionality that provides holistic benefits to modern mining operations. These translate into increased productivity for specific applications - such as geological modelling, automated mine design and grade control - as well as improvement to the mining business in terms of cost efficiencies, where examples include drillhole optimisation and dynamic reserving.

New in Vulcan 2020, Vulcan Drillhole Optimiser helps exploration projects, open pit and underground operations to confidently develop infill drilling plans that maximise resource recovery. With Drillhole Optimiser geologists can accurately assess multiple scenarios and budgets taking into account existing drilling, locations and resource classifications. Operations see tangible results in greater orebody confidence, fewer wasted drillholes and improved cost-effectiveness.

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