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Emlid announces NTRIP Caster for Private RTK Networks

By Eric Van Rees - 25th November 2021 - 11:19

Emlid released an enterprise version of its NTRIP caster—Emlid Caster Pro.

The advanced caster for commercial use is able to connect dozens of base stations with up to 1000 rovers over the Internet.

With Emlid Caster Pro, you can run your private RTK 
network of multiple bases and sell access to GNSS corrections for your clients. The caster allows you to easily manage your base stations, clients’ access, and connections.

Get Full Control of Your Network

Emlid entirely maintains Emlid Caster Pro in the cloud infrastructure, so you don't need to administer servers or worry about installing updates.

The simple interface of Emlid Caster Pro helps you quickly manage your network settings: add new base stations, block or unblock clients’ access, сonfigure the number of rovers your customers can connect, check the online status for operating bases and clients’ rovers.

Ease Your Clients’ Workflow

To access your network, your clients can use the Emlid Caster website with your custom domain name. New clients’ setup takes seconds—they just need to sign up to get the mount point credentials immediately.

The caster automatically offers your customers the nearest of your mount points to connect them to the closest base station available.

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