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Elbit Systems Features Advanced Capabilities for Air Warfare

By [email protected] - 16th February 2018 - 11:07

The Cockpit Nexus of Sensor and Data Fusion: Elbit Systems of America Features Advanced Capabilities for Air Warfare

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (February 15, 2018) – Enabling U.S. Air Force pilots to dominate decisively in air warfare, through a cockpit nexus of sensor and data fusion capabilities is a priority of Elbit Systems of America, LLC. The company will feature an innovative suite of intelligent pilot interfaces, precision munition seekers and advanced aircraft threat detection systems at the annual Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exhibition, February 21-23 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Fla. These advanced capabilities serve to advance pilot situational awareness, aircraft survivability, moving/static target precise engagement, and mission effectiveness in day/night/degraded visual environments.

“Elbit Systems of America is the innovation leader in integrating the multi-dimensional, connected aspects of air operations into the cockpit,” stated Raanan Horowitz, president and chief executive officer of Elbit Systems of America. “The capabilities we offer are at the center of sensor and data fusion for the pilot. We offer pilots 5th generation situational awareness across multiple aircraft platforms.”

Examples of the company’s advanced capabilities and solutions that will be highlighted in the Elbit Systems of America exhibit (booth 403) include:

  • Enhanced situational awareness during day, night and in degraded visual environments. Through the integration of leading technologies from across the Elbit Systems enterprise, we bring generationally advanced capabilities to the fight. Our advanced situational awareness and decision support solutions focus on all aspects of sensing, processing, and displaying to provide pilots the decisive edge. Examples:
    • Building and integrating a suite of sensors, optimized for the mission
    • Sensor/data fusion resulting in more robust detection, classification, and tracking in all environments.
    • Advanced processing techniques and machine learning provide improved threat detection and decision support.
    • Architectural approach enables the seamless integration of computer generated entities, leading to more realistic training.
  • Early missile warning threat detection and improved aircraft survivability. The combat-proven IR Missile Warning System for the F-16 aircraft provides pilots earlier and improved situational awareness of threats. The company integrates its missile warning and threat detection systems with our leading helmet mounted display capabilities to bring 5th generation pilotage capability into the cockpits of 4th generation aircraft.
  • Laser seekers for PGMs enable precise engagement of both moving and static targets. Elbit Systems of America’s small, lightweight precision munition seekers are highly accurate against stationary and high-speed moving targets. Laser seekers and sensors provide increased accuracy and flexibility and minimize potential for collateral damage.
  • Cost-effective Advanced Crew Station (ACS) processes critical data. The F-15 next-generation cockpit solution reduces the pilot’s workload by providing critical data for flight, navigation and mission. The ACS optimizes tactical situation displays, processes advanced applications, and provides high-definition formats for advanced sensor video presentations.
  • Total Aircrew Situation Awareness for improved effectiveness. The C-17 Replacement Head Up Display (RHUD) improves the effectiveness and capability of a legacy system with an advanced upgrade. Upgrades for head-up displays, large area displays, and enhanced vision systems improve situational awareness and flight safety for airlift/tanker aircraft and of the aircrews.
  • Health monitoring capabilities for pilots. Non-invasive, real-time monitoring of pilot vital signs provides early warning and training for hypoxia and high G-force conditions. The Canary Pilot Health Monitoring system is fully integrated into Elbit Systems of America’s line of next-generation HMDs.
  • Increased aircraft mission availability and reduced operating cost. The company offers contractor logistic support services and cockpit upgrades for military aircraft platforms. These include site and depot level maintenance, material management, engineering services, aircraft modifications, and cockpit upgrades that sustain aircraft mission readiness. Additionally, Elbit Systems of America’s subsidiary, M-7 Aerospace LLC, is the type certificate owner and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the RC-26/Metro aircraft.

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