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Elbit Systems at Milipol 2017

By [email protected] - 8th November 2017 - 09:43

Elbit Systems to Focus on Situational Awareness and Intelligence at Milipol 2017

Homeland Security (HLS) events engage large publics in predominantly dense urban areas and draw involvement of a wide range of authorities and forces operating in complex environments. Providing and disseminating an accurate real-time Common Operational Picture (COP) to all relevant forces is an HLS contemporary challenge. As a result, turning a flow of information into prioritized and actionable data becomes paramount to effectively manage HLS events.

At Milipol 2017 (booth #6L-038) taking place at Paris-Nord Villepinte between November 21-24, Elbit Systems will showcase an array of innovative and operationally proven technologies that are specifically designed to enable enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) and improved Intelligence during large scale emergencies thereby substantially improving the effectiveness of HLS operations. The company’s booth will include demonstrations of two HLS scenarios, and presentations of Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) systems, Situational Awareness (SA) solutions for mobile forces, Mini-UAS, and communication technologies.

Two HLS scenarios:
A Critical Facility Security Scenario will illustrate securing a marine port in which port authorities encounter suspect activity that disrupts the port’s routine operations. Using machine learning and advanced algorithms Elbit Systems’ control room will demonstrate real-time anomaly detection and analysis of multiple live feeds of various deployed sensors, forging COP and providing the level of SA and actionable intelligence that are imperative for an effective response.

A Safe City Scenario will illustrate a bustling urban hub in which law enforcement forces are encountering a criminal activity. Visual data from multiple sensors (CCTV, cameras and airborne sensors) processed by analytical technologies will turn into a live map of event locations, alerts and logging, providing the essential COP.

Systems to be showcased:

WAPS solutions

SkEye WAPS™ is an airborne WAPS system developed specifically to address requirements raised by forces and agencies responding to terrorism, HLS threats and natural disaster events. Covering up to 80 square kilometers, SkEye simultaneously analyzes up to 10 Regions of Interest (ROI) and offers system’s users the ability to select real-time or “back in time” video footage within the covered area without being limited to a single segment.

Grouneye™ is a line of ground surveillance systems designed for wide-area persistent intelligence gathering. GroundEye enables a large number of users to receive real-time, high-resolution imagery and even go “back-in-time” for forensic debriefing. GroundEye can be installed on masts, carried by dismounted forces or vehicle mounted.

SupervisIR™ is a ground-based 24/7 infrared WAPS system that offers greater search-area coverage, an easy user interface and pixel perfect visualization of multiple regions of interest. The system is highly effective at detecting, tracking, and displaying visual motion imagery of moving air, ground and sea targets, making it ideally suited for border patrol, perimeter security, surveillance and counter-surveillance operations. The system provides infrared surveillance capability that is equivalent to approximately 150 thermal imagers placed side by side.

SA, Communication and Unmanned systems
SmarTrack is an SA technology for Dismounted Forces. It enables first responders, dismounted and special-forces to immediately locate, reliably track and monitor up to 100 members of a network. Using patented Radio Frequency (RF) ranging technology, SmartTrack provides force commanders operating in urban areas, inside buildings or when GPS signal is jammed, with three-dimensional location of force members and a data link to transmit C2 data between users, thereby enabling continued operational level command & control and effective SA.

PNR 1000 is a lightweight personal network radio with automatic voice and data relay. Part of Elbit Systems’ Software Defined Radio (SDR) E-LynX™ family, the PNR 1000 radio supports up to 64 member ad-hoc networking including full-duplex reliable voice conferencing, data and video.

DOMINATORTM is Elbit Systems’ well tested and extensively operational suite for the dismounted force member. DOMINATOR is comprised of integrated hardware components, C4I applications and an advanced in-house developed Load Carriage System, interconnecting dismounted forces ensuring superior SA and high level of command and control.

Widebridge™ is a Cloud based broadband service for First Responders allowing for real-time secure streaming of voice, video and data across all echelons and all channels of communication, thus ensuring seamless inter-forces collaboration that is often impeded due to communication gaps that are inevitable when various first responding forces use different communication systems and equipment.

THOR is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Mini-UAS. It is a low-altitude multi-rotor platform designed for surveillance and reconnaissance missions over land and at sea. Electrically propelled, THOR has a low acoustic signature enabling covert operation in day and night. It flies to a ceiling of up to 2,000 ft. above ground at a range of 10 kilometers carrying payloads up to 3 kg for 75 minutes.

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