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Ecopia Partners with NextNav to Enable Emergency Response Teams with 3D Visualizations

By Eric Van Rees - 22nd May 2023 - 05:19

Ecopia AI (Ecopia) and NextNav announced a partnership that will enable first responders to visualize situations in 3D and locate where in a building an emergency call is coming from.

Together, Ecopia and NextNav are providing public safety answering points (PSAPs) with the ability to visualize z-axis coordinates of emergency calls on 3D building data, helping first responders locate which floor of a multistory building a call is coming from and reach people in need more quickly. The partnership combines NextNav’s mission-critical z-axis positioning solution derived from ground stations and barometric calibration with Ecopia’s comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date 3D building data generated from artificial intelligence (AI)-based mapping systems to empower response teams with greater situational awareness in emergency scenarios.

In 2022, the United States’ Federal Communications Commission mandated that all commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) providers deliver the z-axis coordinates of emergency calls to each PSAP. While CMRS providers traditionally deliver emergency call x- and y-axis coordinates to help PSAPs locate the address of 911 callers, response crews often struggle to locate callers in multistory buildings.

As part of an effort to empower emergency responders to reach people in need more efficiently, the FCC mandate ensures that CMRS providers deliver z-axis call coordinates to PSAPs. However, without a 3D mapping and visualization solution, PSAPs and emergency response teams do not have the necessary context to make use of the z-axis coordinates. NextNav’s Pinnacle vertical location z-axis service is available in more than 4,400 US cities and towns, covering more than 90% of buildings greater than 3 stories.

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