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Eco-Center AG is a new customer of Barthauer Software GmbH

By [email protected] - 9th June 2016 - 09:28

Barthauer Software GmbH signs up another new customer. Eco-Center AG based in Bolzano (Italy) will be using the BARTHAUER software for the administration of sewer data going forward.

Eco-Center AG is an in-house company of the municipalities of South Tirol and the autonomous province of Bolzano. It operates an incinerator, a fermentation plant, two landfill sites, several waste water treatment plants and the intercommunal main black water collectors in OEG2 (optimum catchment area 2: Burggrafenamt, Bolzano, Überetsch-Unterland and Salten Schlern). The company also supports environmental research projects to investigate the impact of its activities on the surrounding region. With the intent to centrally administer sewer data for the intercommunal main collectors (of 58 connected municipalities) in a database, Eco-Center AG began looking for a suitable software solution at the beginning of 2015.

After making initial contact with BARTHAUER in February of 2015, presentation dates followed in May and August. The network information system BaSYS developed by BARTHAUER for the sewer segment was presented. It supports all process steps for the planning, administration, operation and maintenance of sewer networks.

Eco-Center AG pursued the following objectives with the implementation of suitable software for the administration of its sewer data.

Since only some of the data collected to date were available in digital form, preparing a sewer database was the primary goal. The network information system BaSYS manages sewer data centrally in a database. Various departments access the sewer data and use them for different processes.

Linking the sewer module to additional, public data centres of IT service providers for the public administration in South Tirol was another objective. BaSYS can be readily integrated into existing GIS and CAD systems thanks to the unique multi-platform concept. This means publishing the recorded sewer data in WebGIS and accessing their street, drinking water and air data does not pose a problem.

The mobile recording of sewer data was an additional requirement. Recording master, condition and rehabilitation data using a mobile device directly on site can be realised with BaSYS.

Overall BaSYS offered the best basic conditions to realise the established objectives. Eco-Center AG therefore made a decision in October of 2015 to use the BARTHAUER software. BaSYS is currently used for sewer documentation. Using the BARTHAUER software for sewer planning and hydrodynamic sewer network calculation in addition is planned over the medium term.

Images: View of the administrative headquarter of the Eco-center in Bolzano, Italy and Sewage treatment plant Branzoll: One of the most important wastewater treatment plants of the Eco-Center AG (Italy)

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