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EBTM awarded Social Media Contract with Navigation Electronics Inc

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 15:14

EBTM awarded Social Media Contract with complete solutions provider to the Geospatial industry - Navigation Electronics Inc

Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd, England, 21st March - EBTM a leading consultancy in technical marketing for the global Geospatial Industry, has been awarded a Social Media contract with Navigation Electronics, Inc (NEI) a complete solutions provider that sells, rents, leases and services mapping/ GIS and survey/ construction equipment from Trimble and other leading suppliers.

EBTM managed by Elaine Ball and Amanda Bradshaw are a unique consultancy, favouring being classed as your ‘bolt on marketing team’ over traditional consultancy. The company of four won the contract with NEI after completing a Social Media Workshop in December 2015.

NEI is a fantastic business that offers so much to the industry, from free workshops right through to the selling and training of equipment. Lots going on which needs shouting about. The team at EBTM will inject structure and process into the vast amount of activities going on at NEI. The key is to manage the content process, which most companies find difficult and organise the content, which will be delivered to the market via the different social media channels. The goal is to double the sales leads!

Amanda Bradshaw, EBTM’s Marketing Communications Director and key implementer comments “The reward is knowing you’ve got the process right when you start to measure the statistics. You then prove that social really does have a part to play within clients integrated marketing communications. The key for any social media plan is to measure the results and feed this back in an easy to understand way.”

Kelli Guidry, VP and Director of Operations comments

“We are already starting to see the results of the new plans. We invested heavily in ensuring we have top quality information and courses available for the industry to attend. We are happy knowing that a wider audience is seeing our great initiatives.

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