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East View Geospatial Partners with AllSource Analysis to Offer Finished Geospatial Intelligence

By Eric Van Rees - 18th September 2020 - 06:47

East View Geospatial (EVG) and AllSource Analysis have established a new partnership to bring forward authoritative geospatial intelligence & analytical products.

AllSource Analysis is a provider of geospatial intelligence with a worldwide network of expert analysts and access to the most cutting-edge tools and technologies. This partnership combines EVG’s unparalleled data sourcing and production capabilities with the finished geospatial intelligence expertise of AllSource Analysis, enabling clients to make informed decisions with the utmost confidence.

With this new partnership, East View Geospatial is able to offer a full suite of new geospatial intelligence solutions including but not limited to descriptive and predictive imagery analysis, GEOINT/IMINT reports, country or regional-based foundational inventory of key assets and locations, and automated validation and support. EVG and AllSource believe solutions are not “one size fits all” and are committed to providing detailed GEOINT products results rapidly, expertly and cost-efficiently.

“To put it simply, coupling East View’s long and rich tradition of primary source data acquisition with AllSource analytical capabilities just makes sense,” explains Jonathan Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director of East View Geospatial, “In a way, it fills an important gap in our service offerings allowing us to take a step beyond data supply and provide answers and actionable intelligence for our customer’s most pressing challenges.”

“The AllSource team and our network of imagery and geospatial intelligence analysts are thrilled to have the ability to leverage the comprehensive and global geospatial assets as foundational content to enrich our offerings," stated Chuck Herring, CEO of AllSource Analysis. "EVG has many decades worth of experience and heritage in serving the geospatial market and our partnership combines the richest data, content, technology and expertise in the commercial geospatial intelligence industry."

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