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Earth Blox announces no-code SaaS offering for data analysts at Google’s Geo for Good Summit 2022

By Eric Van Rees - 5th October 2022 - 07:07

Earth Blox, the no-code Earth observation platform for data analysts, announced a low-touch SaaS offering at Google’s Geo for Good Summit in Mountain View, California and invited delegates to register for early access.

Launching early in the new year, the program will give data scientists and analysts access to the software for free for a limited time. Participants will be asked to participate in online surveys and feedback sessions to help improve the product.

The low-touch SaaS will enable Earth Blox to extend subscription options to benefit a wider range of users across different disciplines with no Earth observation expertise, furthering the company’s mission to provide accessible environmental intelligence at scale to drive sustainability initiatives and climate change mitigation worldwide.

Earth Blox CEO, Dr. Genevieve Patenaude said:

“As a product-led company, the only way to ensure we deliver value to our customers is by developing Earth Blox with them. We’re excited to launch this program at Geo for Good because here, we have the brightest minds in the geospatial industry who are focused on addressing the biggest climate and social challenges we face. Our hope is that through the program, participants can accelerate their impact while helping to shape the future of no-code Earth observation software for the millions of data analysts and scientists around the world that can benefit from it.”

Founded in 2019 by a team of remote sensing and Earth observation academics and specialists, Earth Blox enables users to create insights from satellite and geospatial data to allow companies and organisations to make informed decisions regarding the Earth and how it is changing. Ordinarily, harnessing satellite imaging data requires technical coding capabilities, but the Earth Blox’s platform offers code-free access to Google Earth Engine’s petabytes of planetary scale data through a ‘drag and drop’ interface.

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