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Diversified Communications Launches Commercial UAV News Site

By [email protected] - 3rd May 2016 - 07:20

May 2, 2016 – Portland, Maine, USA – Diversified Communications announced today the launch of the website The site is designed to provide news, insight and resources for UAV/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Unmanned Aircraft Systems) professionals in seven industries in which drones are becoming an increasing indispensable part of the workflow.

Last year, the company launched Commercial UAV Expo, a trade show and conference focused on those same seven industries. The event was a resounding success, with 1,500 trade professionals in attendance looking for the latest tools and education to help them work better, smarter, faster and safer.

“Professionals need to keep up with this disruptive, rapidly evolving technology and the regulations that go along with it,” said Lisa Murray, Director of Commercial UAV Expo. “We realized there was a need for a news and information resource focused on commercial UAVs that goes beyond the confines of a three day event, and Commercial UAV News was born.”

Commercial UAV News will provide daily news, insight, guest blogs, interviews, reports and more, focusing on UAVs/UAS in these seven industries:

  • Process, Power, Utilities
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Search and Rescue
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Mining & Aggregates

Commercial UAV News, the weekly newsletter that Diversified launched one year ago, has been redesigned to more closely align with the editorial direction of the new site. Interested parties may subscribe to the newsletter here.

Jeremiah Karpowicz will serve as Executive Editor of the site and newsletter. He has created articles, videos, newsletters, ebooks and more for various communities as a contributor and editor. Previously, he served as the Executive Editor for ProVideo Coalition, and saw first hand how disruptive drones can be to the way individuals approach their jobs as well as to an industry as a whole.

“The word ‘game-changer’ camp up quite often in the industries I’ve worked in, as so many people realized what kind of opportunities were being opened up for them with drones,” Karpowicz mentioned. “It’s the same word I’ve heard used by mining, agriculture, utility, construction and surveying professionals, and it’s clearly appropriate. UAVs have the potential to augment, refine and/or redefine the way people approach their work, and I’m looking forward to talking with experts on every side of the process to explain and explore what these changes can and will look like.”

Those explorations have already begun to take place, as a number of popular reports that individually focus on the seven industries are available right now. These reports highlight the landscape of the various industries in terms of how professionals are and want to be using UAVs to impact the way in which they work. The reports also feature insights from various industry experts, and this showcase of expertise from people who are using these tools will be a hallmark of the new site.

Karpowicz will be working with individuals and UAV vendors to craft content— including webinars, reports, whitepapers, articles and videos— that will give commercial drone professionals critical information and help them make better business decisions.

“I’m excited about being able to create resources that will speak to specific industry professionals,” Karpowicz concluded. “It’s one thing to talk about how lucrative drones are going to be, but it’s quite another to explain how and why using a UAV can represent a 20-25% cost savings for a farmer. That’s the sort of specificity that made the Expo such a success, and I can’t wait to detail the precise ways in which drones can have a positive impact on bottom line priorities like ROI, safety, workflow and plenty more.”

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