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Defense Strategies Institute Presents the 6th Annual SmallSat & Space Access Summit

By Eric Van Rees - 26th April 2023 - 04:44

The 2023 comprehensive two-day Summit will bring together leaders across DoD, IC, Federal Government, and industry to discuss the advancements in commercial and government small spacecraft and launch capabilities.

Leaders from across DoD, the Federal Government, and commercial industry will highlight the accomplishments and developments in making U.S. systems more resilient to threats this past year, as well as discuss the challenges faced in building an agile and reliable space architecture. A panel of experts will also convene to share their perspectives on the critical role that artificial intelligence and edge computing will play in shaping the future of the US space strategy, as well as the technologies and policies necessary to maintain a competitive and strategic advantage in the space domain.

Attendees of DSI’s 6th Annual SmallSat & Space Access Summit will have the opportunity to directly engage with leaders and experts across the space enterprise in a robust discussion about the bold innovation and action that will enhance small spacecraft capabilities and assure US space domain dominance.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

- Lt Gen Phillip A. Garrant, USAF - Deputy Chief of Space Operations, Strategy, Plans, Programs and Requirements, USSF

- Dr. Derek Tournear - Director, Space Development Agency

- Maj Gen John M. Olson, USAF - Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of Space Operations; JADC2 & ABMS Lead, USSF

- Clare A. Grason - Chief, Commercial Satellite Communications Office, USSF

- Julie Kearney - Chief, Space Bureau, FCC

- Karl A. Kensinger - Chief, Satellite Division, FCC

- Sandra Auchter - Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence- Denver

- Steven “Bucky” Butow - Space Portfolio Director, DIU

Topics of Discussion Include:

- Embracing SmallSat Technology to Enhance US Space Resiliency

- Delivering Space-Based Capabilities to the Joint Warfighter through LEO SmallSat Constellations

- Unifying US Space Operations and SATCOM Capabilities for Continued US Space Domain Dominance

- Enhancing Space Capabilities through SmallSat Proliferation & Partner Collaboration

- Increasing Collaboration, Integration, and Innovation across the IC Space Enterprise

- Enabling the Growth and Technological Advancement of U.S. Commercial Space Industry

- Leveraging SmallSat Capabilities at the NRO in Support of National Security

- Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced SmallSat Data Processing

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