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David Lloyd wins Peer Award at GeoPlace Exemplar Awards

By [email protected] - 12th May 2016 - 10:04

David Lloyd Local Land and Property Gazetteer Manager at Huntingdonshire District Council has been awarded the Peer Award at the GeoPlace 2016 Exemplar Awards.

The Award was presented at the GeoPlace annual conference and presentation of the Exemplar Awards 2015 which celebrate excellence in service delivery enabled through local government address and street information.

Recipients of the Award are nominated by their colleagues across England and Wales, and rewards those who have made a significant contribution to the Address and/or Streets data community.

Speaking at the conference, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General said “Addresses are invaluable to our economy and our public services. Addresses help make sure that emergency services get to our door as quickly as possible; addresses help confirm our identity; they help us to access products and services. It is true that everything happens somewhere, and as a result, high quality address data is fundamental.”

In presenting the Award, Richard Mason, Managing Director of GeoPlace thanked David for his enormous contribution over many years saying: “David is an expert on addresses and has been at the forefront of address innovation and integration at Huntingdonshire for many years. He has guided the work of technical working groups, been vice chair and now chair of the East of England regional group for addresses. He has always been very accessible to Custodians, providing advice and guidance to those who are new to the challenges of address management. David regularly runs specialist events such as demonstrations of software modules, for other authority colleagues.”

Richard continued: “David has been a tireless evangelist for the integration of the LLPG into other council systems. The number of awards of winner, runner up and highly commended show just how much effort he and his small team have put into making their LLPG a key part of their council's processes. David is outstanding example of 'best practice' and is a very worthy winner of the Peer Award.”

IMAGE: David Lloyd presented with the Peer Award

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