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CSA Recognized as PEC Safety Authorized Provider

By [email protected] - 25th January 2019 - 13:50

CSA Recognized as PEC Safety Authorized Provider for SafeGulf, SafeLandUSA, and H2S Clear Training

Stuart, FLA, USA. January 24, 2019 – CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA), is now a PEC Safety Authorized Provider for its comprehensive Instructor-Led SafeGulf, SafeLandUSA, and H2S Clear training, which meets American Petroleum Institute (API) API RP 75 and API RP T-1 requirements. CSA’s multidisciplinary capabilities encompass offshore and coastal marine ecosystems within the Energy, Government, Ports, Beaches and Harbors, and Infrastructure markets. Health and Safety considerations have always taken top priority in all aspects of operations. As a PEC Safety Authorized Provider, CSA has the capability of training their own personnel, as well as subsidiaries, and subcontractors to the standards of one of the most widely used and recognized safety training programs in the offshore and onshore oil & gas industry. Furthermore, via the Advanced Training Tracker, clients can verify that CSA personnel have completed required training prior to entering a job site, ensuring personnel are appropriately versed in safe work practices.

The process of becoming a PEC Safety Authorized Provider was initiated by Upper Management in their mission to continually improve CSA’s Safety Culture despite a remarkable safety record. The Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Director (HSSE) and Diving Safety Officer (DSO), Mr. Kydland, was selected to undergo the SafeGulf, SafeLandUSA, and H2S Instructor Train-the-Trainer course due to his extensive HSSE experience and education along with his years of experience as an instructor. Mr. Kydland will be tasked with teaching and administering training for CSA personnel and will also provide training to subcontractors when needs arise. While CSA will continue to utilize Computer Based Training (CBT) to supplement its training matrix, a shift towards an instructor-led training program demonstrates CSA’s commitment to facilitate open discussions about safe work practices. Having an in-house PEC Authorized Instructor is an invaluable asset to the CSA Safety Culture.

“CSA has some of the most experienced and proficient operational personnel in the industry, so this is a great opportunity to capitalize on that knowledge by gathering them in a classroom and allow them to contribute to discussions on safety topics as opposed to merely placing them in front of a computer to watch a video and take a quiz. It makes sense to learn together in the classroom so that everyone knows what is expected and the less experience personnel can learn from the experiences of the more seasoned. I am confident I will learn just as much from these experienced field personnel as they will from me,” said Eirik.

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